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Family Finding is closely linked to the Family Group Conferencing process.


The Family Finding model seeks to build or maintain the support network for children and young people who may be at risk of losing contact with their family when being placed in out of home care outside of their home and community.

The Benefits of Family Finding for children, young people and families are;


Increased reunification rates for children and families

Improved overall wellbeing for children who have contact with extended family

Enhances stability for children who understand their connections to family and other supportive adults

Supports children and young people who are transitioning out of the child protection and welfare system

Decreased rates of re-entry for children and young people when other family members are involved in their lives.


The aim of Family Finding is to identify family members and other adults, who are willing to have ongoing and meaningful relationships with the child or young person.


Family Finding seeks commitments from adults who can provide permanency and sustainability within the child or young person’s family system, and support in the transition to adulthood and beyond.


Safety is at the forefront of the Family Finding process and requires a family-driven process, which enables family to create a realistic and sustainable plan to meet the long-term needs of the child or young person.

Some of the goals of the Family Finding model are to:

  • Support children and young people in developing meaningful and enduring connections with adults who will support them into their adulthood

  • Develop a strong and comprehensive network of supportive adults as they grow

  • Support children and young people in developing a healthy sense of identity

Ultimately, when children and young people have a stronger sense of belonging to their families, there is a higher likelihood that those relationships positively impact on the young person’s growth from child to young adult and onwards

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